Nelly Bell Thomson s a 5 year old mother of 3 English Bull Dog
Nelly has yet to leave my side in the 5 years I have had her in my life!! 
Nelly has to keep up with me... And she has learned to take naps anywhere she can get them. 
Yet, with Nelly we have found a formula for success!! One that keeps her energy up to go to work with me, make a stop in appearance at a public speaking event for young girls and she is my personal mascot out in the work field...She has also made her way into my heart and just about anyone else with her dreamy eyes and floppy tongue... Not to mention the teeth!! 
At 5 years old... Nelly was born into a healthy OC Raw Dog family.  Both her mom and dad kept a steady diet of the OC Raw Dog!! 
As a puppy she had more energy than many of the other dogs.... Yet, as she got older her energy has not left... She has so much bouncing energy from her healthy diet... I had to create a ball for her to jump and go after! Nelly will play with her ball for hours... Well past all the other dogs are plum tuckered out... Yet, Nelly will give a "lick-in and keep on ticking"!! 
Nelly is a best friend, a protector, a clown, a public speaker, an athlete, a work-aholic, a mother, an advocate for love and health... but most of all she has been put on this earth to bring smiles to anyone in need!! She has no shame!! You need a laugh, a smile, a reason to see good in the world!! Nelly Bell is your girl!!